Sunday, February 10, 2008

Talk and Transcribe with

I found this great free service called It allows you to call a number and leave a message. translates the message and e-mails it to you. You can even setup reminders, or send a email or text to people or groups added to your account.

It's a great way to capture ideas on the move. For example, I always get ideas for writing while walking my dogs - usually caught without a pen and paper. Now, I just take my cell phone and basically dial in my ideas.

Okay, requires that you are able to talk to yourself which seems a little silly at first, but after a while you get use to it. With practice, it becomes much, more natural. The clearer you speak the better the transcription.

Jott has really increasing my productivity. You know, I am just like anybody else. I have a family and responsibilities at home, but Jott lets me to do my work around the house while I continue to write (talk?) through Jott. It's pretty amazing!

In fact, most of this post was written through


fandd said...

OK. Now that is a cool little service. I just signed up. With an up to two hour commute each day, I'm sure I'll find uses for it. Thanks for the tip!